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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    Balham Cleaners are a real gem to the home cleaning industry. I use them all the time and they always deliver outstanding services.  
P. Stefan18/04/2019
    I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but only when there is a good reward at the end, and I've never seen the reward in cleaning. You can imagine my horror then, when my landlord informed me that I was expected to carry out a deep clean on my rental accommodation before I moved out. Immediately I started looking to hire a cleaning service and I found CleanersBalham. I hired their end of tenancy cleaning team on the spot, I didn't even care about the price; I just needed it done. The results of the clean were excellent and thankfully my rashness paid off because the price was really good.  
Harry Lambert 10/02/2016
    I own antique carpets and no matter how beautiful they are, they are really difficult to clean without washing off their colours - which, of course, I did not know at first. Because I want my carpets to look really good, I call Balham Cleaners every month or two and they take care of the carpet cleaning for me. It's great knowing that my antique carpets are dealt with by an actual professional!   
Laura 17/03/2015
    There was so much cleaning at home that I wasn't getting done because of all the work pressure at office. So I had Balham Cleaners come over to clean my home for me last week and I am happy to say that even after a week, my house is still fresh and clean. Thanks a bunch guys! They did a wonderfully thorough job, and I daresay, a better job than I could have done myself. The best part is that they were kind enough to fit me with short notice and that the cleaners were so professional in their work. Thanks again!  
Richie T.18/02/2015
    Balham Cleaners were the first people I turned to when I wanted a hand with my home deep cleaning. It was a job that was just too big for me, but I know a lot of people who've used services from this company and have very much enjoyed them. I wasn't disappointed in the service, which was very thorough, and the price was much cheaper than I'd been expecting. Would recommend and would hire again!  
    The professional cleaners from Balham Cleaners are always on time and do a great job without fail every time they visit our home! My house sparkles once they've finished their cleaning chores. At first it was hard convincing my husband that we needed to hire a cleaning service, but after seeing the quality of their work, he was converted and now always knows when the cleaners have been in! It's money well spent! Excellent work guys! Thanks!  
Julie C.15/01/2015
    I'm not particularly skilled at housework, so actually being able to enjoy a properly clean home is a wonderful feeling that I've not had a chance to get used to yet! Thanks Balham Cleaners for doing such an outstanding job! In terms of my hiring experience, it can be best described as surprising, actually. I was expecting to simply get what I paid for (which wasn't much!) but my expectations were blown out of the water! The cleaners were great at their job and very chatty, so having them over was a pleasant ordeal! This service gets full marks from me!  
    You can always be assured that the floors are going to look great if you get Balham Cleaners around to sort them out! I have them sort out the varnishing and buffing of my wooden floors, because I would almost definitely mess it all up! The carpets also get star treatment form the team, as they have steam cleaned them back to perfection whenever I get them round, and the results are incredible! I am very pleased with the results all round, and have been very happy with everything that I have had form them so far.  
Marilyn G.31/07/2014
    I come from a big family and since moving to a larger home; we are now the place that everyone comes to have a big family catch up. I spent over a whole day cleaning the house to make sure it was good enough to show off to our family the first time and after that I knew I couldn't do it on my own again! Especially now that I have to uphold it for spontaneous visits. I hired my cleaner through Balham Cleaners and now the house is always ready for any guests that pop by unannounced and I'm not too tired to entertain.   
    Thank you to everybody at Balham Cleaners who saved my life after a recent party I held at my house. When I resurfaced the next day to find out that my parents were coming home early I did not know where to start with the cleaning work. I called these cleaners and they were available to come over in a jiffy and clean the house from top to bottom, including getting some nasty stains out of the carpets and the sofas. The house looked cleaner than when my parents left it in the first place and I was commended for my great cleaning work. Shhh, they'll never know!  
Dominic S30/06/2014
    Cleaning is one of my pleasures in life but I don't always enjoy it. When the mess has built up or the kids have been particularly naughty, I can't manage it all myself. This is when I usually call Balham Cleaners. Their support ensures I have the help I need, as they will send around a cleaner to help me. This will be a skilled professional who has the best equipment for the job. The cleaner will do things better than I ever could and twice as fast. The result they provide is top notch and if I didn't enjoy cleaning, I'd hire them to do my chores for me all the time.  
Shauna Simms20/06/2014
    Having a really great cleaning company has revolutionized my life! I always thought I should avoid them, because they are expensive and you don't really need one, but it turns out that I really do! The service is excellent, and because they are so quick, the price is not too bad, as the rate is hourly! They changed my life, and I am sure they can change others. If anyone reading this needs a great cleaning company, then they should get in touch with Balham Cleaners right away, they are just amazing!  
Kelly Rowe29/04/2014
    A huge thanks to the people at this company who gave me the help I needed after a house party that went awry! I'd planned a small event that turned into a party that I could barely control. I hired a team of cleaners from Balham Cleaners, and even though I called them on incredibly short notice, I had a team of professional cleaners just when I needed them most! The price quote they'd given me was spot-on, which was a massive relief to me, and the job itself was done efficiently and very well. I couldn't be more pleased with the service, I'll definitely be calling again in the future!  
Elle T.17/04/2014
    I never thought I would allow a stranger to enter my home and clean it. I thought that no one could clean my apartment better than I could. Oh how wrong I was! Balham Cleaners has friendly, professional staff who cleaned my home better than I ever did (they even got rid of stains on the cabinets in the kitchen that I tried so hard but failed to remove). They knew all the tricks of the trade and it really showed. Now, I wouldn't ever want to live in a home that wasn't cleaned by them - I am totally addicted to their great services.  
Jean Marble27/03/2014
    The professional house cleaner that I hired from Balham Cleaners has absolutely and totally turned my life around! There's no end to the ways in which this company have managed to help me with their excellent staff members and great cleaning services! I get my house thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis now, which really helps me feel as though my house is a proper home! I get lots of compliments when I have guests over, and when my cleaner's around I barely even notice! This service is perfect, and if you're looking for a cleaner then this company should be your first choice!  
    This is a great professional cleaning company and my wife and I are both really happy with the services we've received. We've wanted to hire a cleaning company for a long time now, but it wasn't until our neighbour hired this cleaning company that we finally decided to go for it. We'd seen what a great job they'd done on her house and wanted our house to look just as immaculately clean! We weren't disappointed with the service and our home always looks immaculate! We've told everyone we know about this company and we believe that everyone should give it a go!  
Simon Kelly21/01/2014
    I didn't think that Balham Cleaners would be as good a cleaning company as they are. I've always relied on cleaning companies to professionally clean my house, and although I've had some great service over the years, I really don't think I've ever come across a better company than this! I'm really fussy when it comes to cleaning, but my cleaner is really skilled and efficient. She's always willing to listen to what I want, and it's not even an expensive service. My house has really never looked as good as it does now and I couldn't be happier!  
    When I started my new job, I knew I would have to put the hours in. I warned my friends that I might not be available much and I decided to give Balham Cleaners and hire my very own cleaner - how very modern! I am so glad I did, my home sparkles like never before and I barely have to lift a finger to keep it that way, leaving me to concentrate on my work. As a young twenty-something professional I can now concentrate on my dreams without fretting about my apartment.  
Joanie Ramsell28/11/2013
    Having been told that my place was looking a bit tired, I decided to hire a professional cleaner. Balham Cleaners were among the few that I talked to, and they gave me a good quote for their hourly rate, so I figured it was worth a shot. They were excellent in every way. I could not believe how quick and efficient they were, and the place was looking great in no time! I have decided that I will use them more regularly now, as the effect was quite incredible; clean homes for all!  
C. Matterson18/11/2013
    Cleaning the house is essential, but I'm both really busy all the time, as well as terrible at cleaning! I just can't get it done as well as the professionals can, and I'm always running out of time, because something has gone wrong at work or whatever. I use Balham Cleaners as they are hardworking and reliable, always punctual and never cancel on me, which is all I need really! They charge a fairly normal rate, but you get a great deal of bang for your buck, so it's well worth the cash!  
Marianna J.08/11/2013
    If there's one thing I just can't get enough of, it's time. Time to just do what I want and to relax away from work. Before, this used to be taking up with not just cleaning my house, but worrying how and when I could get it clean. My life is really hectic, I was struggling to get anything from it. But Balham Cleaners have given me the thing I value the most: time. That's the most vital thing. And now I've got so much of it. Balham Cleaners provide such a great service, all the time I spent worrying about how to get everything clean is now mine and the time I spent worrying is now spend trying to figure out what I want to do. Big thanks.  
W. Hoffman24/10/2013
    I'll be honest, I wasn't going to leave a review. But I can't contain myself any longer. I've just been on the phone with Balham Cleaners and once again they've blown me away. They usually send someone over once a week to just keep my place in order. But I've had to rearrange this week at really short notice and I've been blown away by the customer service skills. No problem was too big and we've rearranged for a more manageable date, which is so, so helpful. These guys are the real deal, Balham Cleaners really are the best.  
M. Collins14/10/2013
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