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Tips For Cleaning Your Sofa 22 August 2014
Tips For Cleaning Your Sofa

The sofas and armchairs in your home see a lot of action, and even if you don’t eat meals or snacks in your living room it’s easy for drink stains, mud stains and pet stains to build up over time. Cleaning your sofa or upholstered furniture can be a big job, but if you incorporate these helpful and easy cleaning tips into your cleaning routine then you’ll never need to worry about your sofa clean needs again! 1)    The materials of your sofa.When it comes to cleaning your sofa you need to be aware of the materials that you’re going to be cleaning. Fabric sofas, leather sofas and suede sofas all need to be treated and cleaned differently, so be aware of what products you can and can’t use on your sofa. It’s worth buying a few specific sofa-cleaning products if you’re really keen on keeping yours clean. If you’re working with suede or leather then make sure to buy an appropriate cleaning product, as using one that isn’t safe for the material can cause damages! The same goes for fabric sofas too – always test sofa cleaning products on an inconspicuous area of the sofa before using them in the intended place, as this can stop you from making a huge mistake with the wrong product! 2)    Vacuuming or brushing.Once you have your cleaning products you can begin the cleaning process. Remove all cushions and extras before vacuuming your sofa. Try to use a gentle nozzle or attachment if you have one! If you have a leather or suede sofa then you might prefer to brush your sofa instead. Brushing is much more gentle than vacuuming, and is something more suited to leather and suede sofas. Invest in a suede brush to get the job done properly, an don’t forget to vacuum the area surrounding your sofa once you’re done so that you’re actually  getting rid of crumbs and dirt instead of just moving them around! 3)    Stain removal.Now that your sofa is looking cleaner it’s time to work on removing stains. If you have a fabric sofa then start with lukewarm water and a clean cloth. Dab at the stain lightly with the water until it starts to lift – this should work on most stains, although you might need a stain removal product for those tougher marks! If you are using a stain removal product then take the time to find one that will work for your sofa. Read online customer reviews and comments to find a quality cleaner that works, and always ensure that it’s safe for use on the fabric you’re intending to use it on! 4)    Cleaning underneath your sofa.Your sofa should already look a lot better, and it’s now time to push it back, forward or around to ensure that the areas underneath and behind are thoroughly clean as well! You’ll be surprised at how much dirt, dust and grime can build up in these areas, and it’s also a good place to have access to if you’re looking for a lost television remote! 5)    Deodorising sprays.Keep your sofa smelling fresh and clean by using a deodorising spray. If you want to keep your sofa looking good and clean then try banning pets from sitting on it, don’t allow meals or snacks in your living room and ensure that no-one wears shoes on the sofa!

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