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Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy 16 October 2014
Thorough Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy

Ah, the kitchen. That wonderful place where all of the food is kept and prepared. Is there a more important place to keep clean? Germs transfer from surface to food very easily, but with proper cleaning and maintenance, this will not be a problem. In this guide, I’ll be going through general hygiene tips, as well as specific instructions on how to keep every part of your kitchen as clean as possible. Without further ado, let’s get started;First step - the oven. The oven is the bulk of the kitchen, and can get very messy if not cleaned regularly. The build up of grease can cause strong smells, and is a potential health hazard so keep on top of it. To start, take out the racks one by one, and give them a good soak. This will loosen the burnt on bits, and make cleaning them a doddle. Then place some vinegar into a heat resistant container and place it inside the oven. By putting the oven on a low setting and letting it heat up, it’ll loosen the dried grease on the inside and loosen it. After disposing of the mixture and letting the oven cool, simply polish it all up with an all purpose cleaner. Use the all purpose cleaner on the grills as well - it might take a few tries but it’ll look marvellous. Well worth all of the effort. Just finish up cleaning the racks, return them to their rightful place, and that’s the oven cleaning done!After that, the sink - the kitchen sink isn’t a unit for washing your hands - it’s used to wash all of the dishes. So giving that a good clean should be the next thing on priority list when doing the kitchen cleaning. Get a hold of some scouring powder and a brillo pad - scatter the powder onto the pad and wipe the sink with it. This will loosen the lime scale and soap scum, making it much easier to clean. Also, if you have any spare lemons - cut one in half and use the juice as a substitute. It’ll clean the sink up a treat, and smell wonderful to boot! Repeat the process on the taps and the plug hole, and you’re golden.Then, simply remove all of the loose objects from the counters, and then clean them in a similar way. Spray your all purpose cleaner onto them, and wipe them down with a clean cloth. If you’ve finish up quickly, repeat the process just to be safe. Cleaning the walls is a good idea too, particularly around the oven. Just wipe the grease down using the same method you used previously. When everything else is taken care of, make a batch of cleaner using 2/3 warm water and 1/3 bleach, and give the floor a good mop. Do this last, so you can leave the room afterwards and let the mixture dry naturally.As was previously mentioned, the kitchen is probably the most important place to clean, because good hygiene is vital when working around food. So because of this, hiring a professional cleaner might be something to consider. They will ensure that the room gets the quality treatment it deserves, and their services are generally affordable. Just get a hold of a local cleaning service with a good reputation and you should be good to go.

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