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Tackling the More Difficult Jobs in your Home Clean 20 October 2013
Tackling the More Difficult Jobs in your Home Clean

When it comes to the home, we are all averse to cleaning. It is a pain, and it can be a real nuisance when it take sup time in our busy schedule. It is pretty essential however, that the cleaning is done to a good degree on a regular basis, as otherwise you will likely find that your house becomes dusty and smells a little off at all times. People enjoy coming round to a place if it clean, not that they always aware of it, as the body reacts better to a clean environment, free of pollutants in the air, and with a nice feeling about it. If you are good at keeping up on the cleaning, then you should find that the general clean is not a massive problem, however, letting things get neglected can lead to some real nightmares, and none more so that when it comes to those areas that are left to get worse as you leave them. The main issue with these areas is that they are neglected because they are difficult to clean. This leads to a vicious cycle where in which you do not clean because it is too difficult, and it therefore gets dirtier and more difficult to clean! The only answer is to tackle it properly, and then give it a quick going over regularly from that point onwards. Sure, it’s a bit of a pain, but likely a lot better than having to spend an hour every few months up to your elbows in muck.

The main culprit in this field is the oven. You will find that the oven is a particularly hard place to clean, due to the nature of its use. Putting oily foodstuffs in to a hot place is a recipe for cleaning disasters, as the heat bakes the evaporated grease onto the surface to the inside of the oven, creating a hardened grime that is extremely difficult to get off. The best cleaning methods are all with the use of extremely strong chemicals, so use gloves as otherwise you may well get abrasions to your skin. Layer the inside of the oven with a thick oven cleaner, and take the trays out. Some oven cleaning kits will come with a set of flat plastic bags for the trays, which you fill with solution and leave to do their magic. Make sure that you leave the oven cleaner in the oven for at least ten minutes before going at it. You will find that the cleaner cuts through a fair bit, but there will likely still be a lot of scrubbing to do, depending on how long it has been since your oven was cleaned. This is tough work, and you will probably need to use a stiff brush and perhaps a scourer to get the worst away, as it will be pretty baked on.

Other areas of the house that get bad like this are the tops of kitchen cupboards, where dust and grease collect to form a thick residue that is tough to clean. You should get a ladder so that you are not balanced on a chair, and spray it down with a decent household cleaner, leaving it to break up the grease before wiping away. You will likely need a few cloths for this, as the thick grease will not come away very easily. Taps are the same, leave the cleaner on for a while, and the wiping down will be a lot less strenuous.

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