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Should I Clean Just After I Move In? 28 March 2014
Should I Clean Just After I Move In?

If you have just moved into a new home, you might well be considering taking this opportunity to have a big cleaning operation just before you unpack and begin to settle in. While every home is different, houses might well have benefitted from a professional end of tenancy cleaning service just before you moved in. As such, having already benefitted from a professional cleaning service, there might not be much to do. However, there is no guarantee of this, and it will likely depend on your personal circumstances. So how should you decide whether a big clean just after moving in is right for you? For many people, the benefit of a big clean early in your tenure in the home is that it allows you to start off on the right foot. By setting the standards early on, you have an excellent baseline against which to measure the future cleanliness of your home. With everything cleaned to the highest possible standard from the start – to your highest possible standard – then it makes future cleaning operations easier as you can always understand what you are aiming for. If you are considering hiring a regular house cleaning service, then having them in early on will help to establish the requirements for the home and will allow them to assess how best to suit your cleanliness needs. Before unpacking, it might well be far easier to understand which areas of the house need a particular cleaning focus, and how best to provide the right services. As such, getting the professional house cleaners in early can help in the long run. One of the real benefits to making sure that everything is cleaned properly before you begin to unpack is that it gives you a better idea of where everything should be placed. Unpacking in a new home is often difficult and it can be hard to understand where everything should be placed. If you undertake a large cleaning operation before you move in proper, then you can gain a better understanding of the intricacies of the house, of all of the idiosyncrasies which come with it. This can mean that the unpacking process becomes far easier, not just now, but it saves you having to rearrange things as you continue to settle in. Making sure that you become acquainted with the new house quickly is an excellent benefit of big cleans just after you move in. As well as ensuring that the new home is as clean as possible, a spring clean for a new home can also help get rid of any dirt or dust which might be brought in by your old possessions. It can be easy enough for items to get a bit messy during the moving process and this can mean that even the cleanest house is undermined from the get go. By making sure that everything is clean while you unpack, you can save yourself a great many future worries by ensuring that everything is as clean as possible from the very start. If the previous owner or landlord has hired a professional end of lease cleaners, then you could be in a position to take advantage of the work already done. If you have your own particular standards, or just want to ensure the cleanliness for yourself, then this is an excellent time to get everything cleaned as much of the initial work has already been done. This means that you can work in tandem with a professional home cleaning service, building on top of the difficult work that they have already done in order to make the home your own.

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