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Keeping your Rugs in Top Shape 27 November 2013
Keeping your Rugs in Top Shape

Rugs or mats are fantastic ways to add vibrancy and colour to a room to compliment your other furniture. If you have hard floors they can also provide warmth and comfort underfoot, and/or prevent heavy wearing of carpet in well-walked gangways such as the hallway.
They can also be quite expensive items to buy, and with a large number of different types, materials and styles available maintenance and care, no matter how essential, can be an off-putting tasks. But it really doesn’t take long to maintain your rugs in top shape, so here are our best tips for maintaining an as-new feel to yours:
1.    Rotate your rug at least once a year
Sunlight and general wear and tear will have an effect on the appearance of a rug over time. By regularly rotating your rug you are making sure this happens evenly, meaning that even if your rug does fade at least it will do so evenly. If you have a particularly bright room or an area that is heavily used, consider moving rugs between rooms. This will make your house feel fresh and different without you having to do much at all and preserve the life of the rug by rotating it between heavy- and light-traffic rooms.
2.    Be gentle with it
Vacuums tend to be pretty harsh on rugs. If you have an upright try to use the tools to clean your rug rather than using the whole vacuum – the rotating brush can do damage to certain types of rugs, especially if they are delicate. If you have a loop pile rug, just turn it over and beat out the loose dirt and debris onto the floor and hoover it up from there, that way you are vacuuming your floor and not the rug.
3.    Avoid the edges
Vacuums and general use tend to leave their mark on the corners of our rugs first, leaving them frayed or slightly curled. To avoid this do not vacuum over the corners of your rug, they tend to be the most vulnerable parts, and invest in some rug underlay which should stop your rug from moving as much and getting trapped under people’s feet.
4.    Make sure you have a foot mat at the front door
Simply making people wipe their feet before they enter your home and walk all over your rugs will help your rugs last longer and stay in better shape. While it is good practice for maintaining a clean home anyway, wiping the debris off the soles of the feet of you and your visitors before you step foot on that hallway rug will considerably lessen the damage that is done to it.
5.    Stains and spills should be treated with care
As most rugs are quite delicate, always blot up any spillages or stains, with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Do not vigorously scrub your rug, you will loosen piles and threads that will get worse over time. If you need to apply water, make sure it is cool and try not to use too many cleaning products unless the label advises that it is ok to do so.
6.    If you see a loose thread, don’t pull it
It has most probably been missed when the cutting occurred at the factory, so just cut it so that it is even with the rest of the pile. Pulling it will create all sorts of problems!
7.    If it gets really bad, call the professionals
Specialist rug cleaning services are available, and have become more and more affordable. Most rugs, like carpets and upholstery, will recommend a professional clean ever so often to keep them in the best possible shape.

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