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Don't Miss These Spots 16 December 2014
Don't Miss These Spots

Anyone who is used to doing the house cleaning regularly knows that knowing where to clean is half the work done. If you have cleaned your home but missed some spots, these dirty areas will stick out more sorely than in an otherwise shabby home. Although it can be time consuming and frustrating to clean every nook and corner of your home, with a bit of practice, you will know which areas are likely to get more dirty and need to be paid attention to. If you are keen on a keeping your house clean, you will be able to do a more thorough job if you keep these often neglected areas in mind while you are cleaning.Underneath furnitureMost of the time when you are vacuuming, you are likely to miss out cleaning under the furniture, either because there is no space to wiggle the vacuum in or because you can’t reach the depths of it. This makes the place under the furniture a safe haven for dust, mites and other pollutants to gather and grow. If you don’t take care of this soon, you will soon have dust bunnies running around your home. So make sure your cleaners are instructed to lift the furniture and vacuum the dust that lies underneath. This is especially essential if your furniture sits on a rug or carpet. Otherwise, you might end up paying for an expensive carpet cleaning soon. Behind electronicsYou know the mess that wires and cables make behind your desktop or television behind which you have attached your DVD player system, play station, speakers and other gadgets – that is the most tricky area to clean. If you have tried once or twice and ended up with a loose connection, you might be tempted to leave the clutter behind your appliance like it is. After all, no one is ever going to peek behind the desk. But over time, dust and dirt will gather on them and not only will it make your house dirty and affect the air quality of your home, the dust accumulated on your appliances will also affect the air flow in the equipments and damage your electronics. So once in a while, unplug your electronics and give them a good vacuuming, especially near the vents and sockets. If you are worried that you can’t plug them in right, label the wire and sockets so that you know which goes in where. Out-of-sight surfaces When you are cleaning surfaces, there are often parts that lave out, mostly because they are not in your direct line of sight. For example, the dust that gathers on the picture frames and wall clocks, especially at the top, the blades of the fan, behind the books on the shelf etc. When you are cleaning a room, create a routine that helps you cover every area without making you repeat any. Pick a direction to go around the room and clean from top to bottom, this will help you take care of all the dirt in the room in one go.RadiatorCleaning inside your radiator is often overlooked, yet that is one area that gathers the most amount of dirt and germs. Of course, once or twice a year, calling in a professional cleaner to service and clean your radiator and air vents is a good idea but you can easily suction through the radiator vents on a regular basis so that dirt doesn’t accumulate around the pipes. If you don’t clean it quickly, the heat and moisture within the radiator will cause the dirt to stick to the pipes and interior, making it more difficult to clean.

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